Google+ Setup

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First off, why would you want to do this?

Sure, Google+ as a social media network is nowhere near as popular as Facebook. But, there are still two good reasons to have a Google+ profile:
  1. There are still millions of people out there who ARE using Google+, and if they're a fan of it and you have a page, you are "playing their song"
  2. Google+ engagement has been shown in this study to improve your site's rankings in search results.

OK, you've convinced me...what do I do next?

First, do you have a Google account (a GMail account will do just fine)? If not, click here to get a free one.

Create a Google+ Profile

The next step is to create your Google+ profile page. This is different from your Google Account (although it will be connected to your Google account). Your Google+ profile page is like your Facebook profile (except it's from Google, of course). Create a Google+ profile page here.

Once you have a Google+ profile created, make sure you've:
  • uploaded a photo to your profile
  • added a link to your website (it's a free extra link to your site, which helps you get found in Google).

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